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Welcome to American Bites!

Authentic Bold Flavors with Premium Tasty Ingredients in our recipes.

Trio Poemo Live
Wednesday, June 14th (7-10pm)

Night of Tango. Music. Dance. Fine wine and dining.


Unique history with hospitality!

American Bites was deemed San Francisco's Landmark #127 because of our significance to the city's rich artistic culture and generational homemade recipes. Located in the Heart of North Beach, American Bites' magical ambiance and succulent menu will offer an unforgettable experience the whole family can enjoy. Come in to taste and feel why we are known as "Everyone's Favorite City".

 With our experience and dedication, we’ve become masters of the craft; serving unique pieces. And to make sure you feel the entire experience; we designed this space where you can come enjoy a beautiful elegant environment including an outdoor patio dining to taste, hang, socialize and spend quality time with your friends and loved ones pairing together with delicate excellent fresh, hearty, and simply unforgettable dishes.

American Bites has open doors for group reservations too to help you host any event.

Get in touch with us and let us know more about it below!

Hero Shor_american bites grubhub
9. Fettuccini creamy pesto
8. Crispy prosciutto pizza
6. Linguine seafood pasta
7. Taco trio
5. Ny pastrami provolone cheese dip sandwich
3. Mahmod pork ribs
4. Ultimate burger
2. Capresse salad
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